Lab Exercise 2

My artistic and academic interests include drawing, painting, an array of printmaking, graphic arts, photography, and film. I prefer all those to be quite controversial and hard to understand. I really enjoy when I have to put a lot of thought into the artwork or film that I am seeing and being able to connect the ideas to my life or thing that are occurring in society.

When it comes to controversial art, Nina Peterson is the one that I adore the most. Most of her artworks involve females and them being censored simply by omitting certain areas or filling them with other things that in a creative way. She usually uses oil paints but she has beautiful ball-point pen pieces as well. She teaches art history and has a masters in Art History and Museum Studies. She currently works at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Besides her personal website, she also has a page on Modern Bohemian Online that you can check out here:


I also  enjoy a lot of work from California based-artist, Seoy Milk. Her artworks are all nude female figures wrapping themselves in some type of fabric. I love her sensitive hand and artistic style. Her artworks are very design looking yet infused with traditional and I enjoy that a lot. There’s an article about her here where she just shows her process and technique as she’s working on an art piece.


I want to say that I am fairly knowledgeable with digital tools. I am familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver, Premiere, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I can operate Windows programs mostly and if I take time to mess around, I can generally figure things out pretty quickly.


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