My name is Christine Ho and I am currently a junior at Towson University. My major is under Fine Arts and my discipline is drawing, painting, and printmaking. Although it encompasses three different medias, I tend to lean more towards drawing. I consider myself to be more of a traditional artist than anything. I mostly create artworks that are controversial and attempt to poke fun of opinions that I don’t necessarily agree with. Most of the time, no one really understand my pieces until I explain it to them but they will always understand the emotion that I am portraying in my artworks.

The main purpose of this blog is to showcase the different techniques and artworks that I have learned and created throughout this semester, which will be fairly interesting seeing as I am not a big fan of digital processes. It will also give others an idea of what I can accomplish with my knowledge of various digital tools and techniques and hopefully add a part of myself into the art I create. Here is a link of the class blog that i am a part of and I genuinely hope that you all will take some time to look at my other classmate’s blogs: http://art101spring2016.wordpress.com


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